Hani Moskowitz, Esq.

Title: Partner
Email: hanimoskowitz@gmail.com

   Hani Moskowitz, Esq., is a founding partner at Diaz & Moskowitz, PLLC.  She has nearly a decade of experience defending and pursuing the rights of her clients in custody, visitation, order of protection, child support, juvenile delinquency, child abuse, child neglect, guardianship and divorce proceedings in Long Island and New York City.  She routinely earns the respect and praise of her clients, judges, and the attorneys she argues against with passionate advoacy on behlaf of her clients. Ms. Moskowitz says the ultimate compliment came when an individual seeking to retain her services, said he was referred to her by the other side.  

   Prior to Diaz & Moskowitz, PLLC, Ms. Moskowitz was a litigator for the Legal Aid Society, where she represented over six hunderd clients in the Family Court of the State of New York and defended their rights in court on a daily basis. She has seen the dangers of choosing an attorney that is not expereinced in handling family law matters, as the process is not similar to other types of law.  This can be very frustrating  and delay the client's ability to resolve a sensitive family matter.  Ms. Moskowitz's experience allows her to quickly evaluate the unique needs of every client and create a strategy designed to achieve every client's needs.   

   Ms. Moskowitz recieved her Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University, where she studied at the prestigous Newhouse School of Communications.  She recieved her Juris Doctorate degree from the City University of New York School of Law, where she was a member of Moot Court and represented victims of domestic violence on a pro-bono basis. She is a certified member of the Appellate Division Second Department, Attorneys for Children Panel where she advocates for neglected and abused children. 

   He favorite legal movie is "A Few Good Men," and she works dilligently to protect the rights of her clients and assist them through challenging times in their life.  She is a devoted and invovled parent to two young children, which helps her to understand the perspectives of the parents that come to her for assistance.